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An age old philosophy dictates that it is better to measure twice, so you only have to cut once. Having a third party assessment completed before you make any major purchases or technology changes can be an invaluable step in ensuring quality and efficiency.

Proactive Communications can help perform a professional third party assessment across almost all major infrastructure technologies. We will provide a comprehensive findings and recommendations deliverable which can help assist you in making decisions or in guiding operations. We can perform assessments in the following verticals and more:

- Networking assessments
- Security assessments
- Server assessments
- Virtualization assessments
- Storage assessments
- Data protection & disaster recovery assessments

In addition we can conduct complete IT infrastructure assessments covering everything from the floor tile to the ceiling tile in your data center ensuring that no details are lost between disparate pieces of your infrastructure. Contact us today to start your professional infrastructure assessment..

Design & Planning

Preparation and planning is key to implementing efficient and robust it infrastructure. Partnering with Skytech Global to perform design and planning services has many benefits. Skutech global has partnership with worldwide leading it companies. We bring the experience of hundreds of best in class environments to the table when we create infrastructure planning and designs for you, ensuring to design your infrastructure detail will be attended to and no stone left unturned. We can help design these data center facets as well as many more:
- LAN \ WAN Design
- Wireless Infrastructure Design
- Virtualization Design
- Server Infrastructure Design
- Storage Area Network Design
- Disaster Recover and Data Protection Design
- Power Infrastructure Design
- Data Center Layout & Design
Contact us today to get started down the path with a professional assessment and design.


Proactive Communications is by far your "go to" partner to get your job done right.
We will provide high quality, efficient, and rapid implementation of your critical infrastructure. We will make sure that your infrastructure is implemented to the highest quality standards with industry recognized standards and methodologies. We can help with the following types of implementations and much more:
- LAN / WAN Implementation
- Voice and Collaboration Implementation
- Video Conference / Telepresence
- Wireless Infrastructure Implementation
- Virtualization Implementation
- Server Infrastructure Implementation
- Storage Area Network Implementation
- Disaster Recover & Data Protection Implementation
- Power Infrastructure Implementation
- Data Center Layout & Implementation
In addition, we can provide truly integrated implementations that include one or more of the technology verticals mentioned above. Details can be lost when many integrators are involved in an implementation and there is a strategic value in having one consolidated provider with one throat to choke. Contact us today to begin discussions on your next critical implementation and let Skytech Global prove we are truly the best "go to" partner for your critical it infrastructure implementations..

Life Cycle

One of the most difficult parts of managing an it infrastructure is the number of different entities which can be involved. You need a service provider for each area of your infrastructure. You need consultants to drive recommendations, planning, and design. You need technicians to implement all of this and support organizations to help you maintain it.
a tremendous amount of energy can be expended just in managing all these moving parts and many important details can be lost in the shuffle. Most integrators and service providers are responsible for their own verticals and care little about what transpires around their area of responsibility. It usually falls on the it manager to assure that everyone works together and this can be a daunting task.
Proactive Communications can help alleviate these problems by providing complete infrastructure lifecycle services from inception to decommissioning and every step in between. We can provide the following services and more:
- Conceptualization
- Planning & Design
- Third Party Validation
- Implementation
- Upgrades
- Short Term & Long Term Support
- Managed services
- Infrastructure End of Service Life Planning
- Equipment Buy Back and Trade-in Guidance